The solar products and services division of Xandex, Inc. was organized in 2007. Our mission is to be a premier provider of innovative products and services for the solar energy industry worldwide.

The Solar Division at Xandex markets it solar products under the SunMizer ® brand. Xandex / SunMizer Solar Roofing is a corporate, allied or affiliate member of the American Institute of Architects San Francisco and East Bay chapters, the Building Industry Association of Southern California, the Solar Electric Power Association and the Roofing Contractors Association of California.

About Xandex

Xandex Inc. was founded in 1981 as a technology startup to design and manufacture solutions for the semiconductor industry. Continuing that tradition of successful technological innovation, the Xandex Solar Division is constantly researching new products and technologies for the solar energy industry that can be successful worldwide.

Now in our 33rd year, Xandex divisions serve customers in the Solar and Semiconductor markets throughout North America, Asia and the EU.

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Xandex also invests in promising technology and lifestyle ventures through our investments arm, Xandex Ventures.

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Commitment to Quality

ISO 2001-2008 Logo

As an ISO 2001-2008 registered company, quality and customer satisfaction are the building blocks of everything we do.

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