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SunMizer Solar Roofing for Architects and Builders

Residential Solar: The New Granite Countertop!

Integrating solar power into new home design was once an expensive option reserved for custom homes. How times have changed!

Consumer awareness of the financial and environmental savings that residential solar offers is at an all time high. So high, that a recent article in Bloomberg News declared that mortgage financed solar as a standard feature in new homes was rapidly becoming the new granite countertop.

Roof integrated SunMizer Solar Roofing Systems are the ideal solution for architects and builders seeking a cost effective, powerful, and attractive way to integrate solar into the building envelope as a standard or optional feature in new home design.


UL 790 Class A Fire Rated Solar Roofing System!

SunMizer offers architects and builders more than just "add-on" solar panels. Integrating SunMizer Solar Roofing in your residential project designs reflects your commitment to product safety, performance and quality. Our modular solar systems are UL 790 and UL 580 compliant roofing components, certified by Intertek/Warnock Hersey, North America's leading product safety and performance mark for building and construction products.

SunMizer Solar Roofing Systems have passed the stringent UL 790 burning brand and spread of flame tests with a Class A rating for the complete system (roofing and solar panels tested as a system). SunMizer Solar Roofing maintains the Class A fire rating of composite roofing materials and is also the ideal solution for projects in Very High Fire Severity Zones and Wildland Urban Interface Areas where Class A roofing and solar is required.

SunMizer systems are also tested and certified by Intertek to UL 580 for wind uplift, and are rated Class 90, which means SunMizer Solar Roofing will withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour.


Superior SunMizer Aesthetics

Roof integrated SunMizer systems are designed with a low profile (less than 4 inches from roof deck to top of the solar module) and black anodized components for a sleek “skylight” appearance. SunMizer requires only one fully flashed roof penetration for electrical pass through that is concealed behind the solar modules. All conduit and wiring to the system inverter is run in the attic space inside the roof for a clean, uncluttered installation.

SunMizer Solar Roofing is the attractive, modular solution to designing solar into residential development projects. SunMizer is independent of rafters for mounting and can be placed for aesthetic appeal, anywhere on the South, Southwest or Southeast roof faces. Modular systems start at 8 modules that require less than 170 Sq Ft. of roof area and grow from there.


Design Integration Support

We make it as easy as possible to integrate SunMizer into your project designs. Modular configurations are available with two or three rows of solar modules in landscape orientation. Our design does not require fastening to rafters or joists: the system can be installed anywhere there is adequate unobstructed roof space.

SunMizer systems are supported with comprehensive structural documentation, detailed 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models for integration into project designs and permit packages. Modular layouts make it quick and easy to configure multiple system sizes. Our experienced engineering staff can assist in any phase of design integration.


Builder / Contractor Installation Support

SunMizer Solar Roofing is designed to be installed by experienced roofing professionals within the workflow of new and replacement roofing. Standard metal roofing tools and a working knowledge of industry standard metal roofing practices are all that is required.

SM-SRS roof kit installation is fully documented in illustrated installation and parts identification manuals. Our engineering staff can provide contractor/builder installation training and on site installation support to ensure seamless integration into the build schedule.


Quality and Reliability

All materials and finishes used in the SunMizer roof layer are selected for their high quality and long life in harsh environments. The solar electric components used in SunMizer Systems are selected only from bankable, industry leading manufacturers with proven quality and performance.

SunMizer Roofing Systems are covered by a 30 year manufacturers limited warranty for roofing materials and workmanship, a 30 year coating warranty for roofing material chipping, cracking and peeling and a 20 warranty for roof materials color fade.

Solar modules are covered by a 25 year power production warranty and power inversion electronics are covered by an industry standard 10 year warranty.

Specify SunMizer Solar Roofing with the confidence that you have selected the highest quality, most reliable roofing and solar components available.


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Schedule a free SM-SRS Lunch and Learn at your facility, and learn why roof integrated SunMizer Solar Roofing is the best solution for designing Class A fire rated solar into your project designs. Simply send us a quick email with your best dates, number of people and we will contact you and schedule. Click here to open an email to submit your request.

Recent SunMizer Projects



SunMizer Solar Roofing Systems are now available for tile roofing! SunMizer is has finalized the design and certifications for a beautiful tile system that maintains the Class A Fire Rating, “bulletproof” weather proofing and superior low profile aesthetics, as the original composite roof design.

SunMizer for Tile is available now for order and installation.

SunMizer for Tile Images

SunMizer for Tile in Petaluma, CA

Low Profile Skylight Appearance

Available NOW!

  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Class 90 Wind Rating = 120 mph
  • 30 Year Limited Roofing Warranty
  • 25 Year Power Warranty (solar modules)

Flammability Testing of Standard Roofing Products in the Presence of Stand-off Mounted PV Modules

Note: SunMizer Solar Roofing is one of the only residential solar products that has been tested by Intertek to the UL 790 Standard for flammability as a SYSTEM (roofing and solar modules together) and has received a the highest Class A rating for fire resistance. The test results below are relevant to traditional standoff mounted solar modules over composite roofing.


The Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs) has published two reports that address flammability testing of standard roofing products in the presence of stand-off mounted photovoltaic (PV) modules. 

These reports were developed to investigate whether and how the presence of stand-off mounted PV arrays may affect the fire class rating of common roof covering materials. 

After reviewing the test results, a fundamental conclusion is that the Fire Rating of a PV module is not a good indicator of the fire class rating of the PV module and roof as a system.

Review the test results at the Solar ABCs website:

Review the Full Report (pdf 2.34 MB) or review a One Page Summary (pdf 214KB)

Specialized Installation Tools

Installation of SM-SRS systems requires a Depth Sensitive Driver and nutsetter bit for the 5/16 Hex Head Weatherseal Screws used in the roofing system. These tools are specified in the PDF file linked below.

SunMizer Special Tool Specifications

Structural Engineering

SunMizer Structural Engineering Drawing 420-0001 for the SunMizer Landscape Orientation Solar Roofing System is available by request. Click or tap the link to open a pre-addressed email request.

Click here to open an email to submit your request.

Schedule a FREE Lunch and Learn

Schedule a free SM-SRS Lunch and Learn at your facility, and learn why roof integrated SunMizer Solar Roofing is the best solution for designing Class A fire rated solar into your project designs. Simply send us a quick email and the SunMizer Team will contact you shortly. Click here to open an email to submit your request.

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