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SunMizer® Solar Roofing Systems for Homeowners

Roof Integrity is Priority #1

At SunMizer, the integrity of your roof is priority number one. That's why SunMizer Solar Roofing Systems are a preferred choice of building professionals. SM-SRS combines off-the-shelf solar components from top tier manufacturers with a unique mounting system which is integral to your roof and is installed by your roofing professional, guaranteeing the integrity of your roof.

SunMizer solar is affordable, with basic systems starting at less than $7,000 after federal incentives. To see if your roof is ready for SunMizer, send us an email using the link at the bottom of the page, and we will use satellite imagery to provide you with a preliminary quote. It's that simple!

SunMizer Solar Roofing Systems are designed and manufactured by Xandex Inc., a diversified company with 30 years of design and manufacturing success in the US and international markets. SM-SRS offers you the financial advantages of going solar combined with an affordable lease program that fits any budget.


SunMizer Systems Start at Less Than $7,000!

Purchasing a SunMizer system is much more affordable than many people imagine. A basic 8 panel system can be installed for less than $7,000 after federal incentives. When you purchase your solar system, you lock in a price for the power it produces, while utility costs increase over time. Most homeowners realize savings right away! Some of the benefits of purchasing a SunMizer system are:

  • Purchasing offers maximum savings over time
  • You receive the 30% federal tax incentive on the cost of the system
  • You receive all state and local incentives that can reduce cost even more
  • No worries or problems tranferring a lease if you sell your home
  • SunMizer Limited Warranty is tranferrable if you sell your home
  • Additional appraised value of your home with owned solar


Superior "Skylight" Aesthetics

Roof integrated SM-SRS has an attractive, low profile design with the appearance of a built-in skylight. Black framed solar panels and flashings provide sleek, clean lines that complement any roof color. And, SM-SRS requires only one or two fully flashed roof penetrations for electrical pass through.

In addition to its sleek appearance, the SunMizer Solar Roofing System is built to last. All materials and finishes used in the roof layer are selected for their high quality and long life in harsh environments. The roofing layer utilizes commercial grade 18, 24 and 26 gauge coated steel roof panels and is designed to last 2-3 times longer than asphalt shingles.


Class A Fire Rated System

SunMizer Solar Roofing Systems have passed:

UL790 Fire Resistance Class A
UL 580 Class 90 Wind Uplift

SM-SRS is tested as a complete roofing and solar system and is one of the only crystalline cell residential solar roofing products that has tested the roof layer and solar panels as an integrated system and received the highest Class A fire resistance rating.

SunMizer systems are also tested and certified by Intertek to UL 580 for wind uplift, and are rated Class 90, which means SunMizer Solar Roofing will withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour.


Getting Started Is EASY!

To get started adding a SunMizer Solar Roofing System to your home, simply complete the form below, and the SunMizer Team will contact you shortly with a FREE Solar Quote and evaluation. Please provide all the information requested in the form.

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